Program Committee

The role of this committee is to plan the annual Chapter meeting, including speakers, format, content, theme and schedule. This committee has six to ten members, with three from the host state. Members and the chair serve one year.

In 2012 this committee will not contain its usual full roster, since the 2012 meeting will be held jointly with several other MLA chapters, and there is a separate program committee for the Baltimore meeting.


Name State Term Ends
Connie Machado, Program Chair/Chapter Chair Elect MS 2017
Cynthia Beeler / Michael Lindsay, Local Arrangements Chair TN 2017
Tara Douglas-Williams, SCMLA Chair GA 2017
Frank Fajardo, Poster Coordinator FL 2017
Natasha Williams / Deedra Walton, Paper Coordinators FL 2017
Elizabeth Hinton, Professional Development Chair MS 2017
Elizabeth Laera, Hospital Libraries Chair AL 2017
Lindsay Blake, 2018 Program Chair GA 2017
Lisa Ennis, 2017 Conference Website AL 2017
Emily Brennan, SCMLA Communications Chair SC 2017
Elena Azadbakht / Skye Bickett, SCMLA Public Relations Chair GA 2017
Anya McKinney, AV Coordinator TN 2017
Emily Weyant, Vendor Coordinator TN 2017