Current Officers


Chair Sandra Bandy
Chair Elect / Program Chair Richard Nollan
Program Chair-Elect Jan Orick
Immediate Past Chair Brenda Faye Green
Secretary / Treasurer Rick Wallace
Chapter Council Rep. 5/2013 to 5/2015 Sylvia McAphee
Chapter Council Rep-Alternate 5/2013 to 5/2015 Lisa Ennis
Chapter Council Rep-Alternate 5/2015 to 5/2017 Skye Bickett
MLA Nominating Comm. Candidate Jan Orick



Bylaws Allison Howard
Communications Lindsay Blake
History Kay Hogan Smith
Honors & Awards Amy Purvis
Hospital Libraries Elizabeth Hinton
Membership Kim Meeks
Nominating Brenda Faye Green
Professional Development Trey Lemley
Luda Dolinsky
Program Jane Bridges
Public Relations Mary-Kate Haver
Research Irma Quinones
Strategic Planning Brenda Faye Green



Archivist Kay Hogan Smith
MLA Benchmarking Liaison TBA
Bookkeeper Pam Neumann
MLA Credentialing Liaison Cynthia Vaughn
Conference Chair Judy Burnham
List Moderator Nelle Williams
Membership Database Manager Sandra Bandy
Newsletter Co-Editor Rozalynd McConnaughy
Newsletter Co-Editor Steve Wilson
Parliamentarian/Historian Richard Nollan
Website Co-Administrator Lisa Ennis
Website Co-Administrator Nicole Mitchell