History Committee

The role of this committee is to collect, record, and transcribe history of the Southern Chapter; recommend suitable storage materials for archives.

  • This committee has members from each state including the Chair.
  • Members serve 2 years, as does the chair.

The charge of the committee is to gather, organize, and preserve materials that are pertinent to the history of Southern Chapter, including its oral and written records, images, and memorabilia. Though small, the contents of the archives are currently housed at the UAB Lister Hill Library of the Health Sciences.

The archive contains such things as constitution & bylaws materials, committee reports, position descriptions, annual meeting notes and pictures, and more. The material dates from the early 1950s to the present.

Oral history constitutes part of the committee's responsibility. Individuals who have made a significant contribution to Southern Chapter are identified and interviewed. Tapes of the interview are transcribed, and both tape and transcription are made part of the archive as a living history of our organization. To date six interviews have been recorded.


Name State Term Ends
Connie Machado (Chair) MS 2016
Kay Hogan-Smith AL 2016
Kathy Davies GA 2016
David Petersen TN 2016
Nilca Parilla PR 2017
Mary Rickelman FL 2016
Steve Wilson SC 2016


Ex-Officio Members
Name Position
Kay Hogan-Smith Archivist